Sunday, May 14, 2017

Having your baby in the US (i)

Are you coming alone or with family to US to have your baby or vacation? Here in El Paso, Texas, we'll provide you with the best doctor, hospital and accommodation.
Here are some packages that we have

*Please feel free to call or send us an email for further inquiries.
Prices for 2 different doctors and mid wives

1st Doctor
For CS its 2,600, hospital is 3825
For vaginal delivery its 2000, hospital: 2700

2nd Doctor:
For CS its 2800 hospital is 3825
For vaginal delivery its 2500, hospital is 2700
For Vbac
Doctor's fees: 3685
Hospital fees: 2700

3rd is maternity home with midwives is 2500. Here you don't have to pay hospital fees.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Having your baby in the US (ii)

Consultation is $200 payable to my Nigerian account. Before getting your US visa, if you need guidance on filling your DS 160 application form, sample of how to prepare your budget, likely questions to prep you for the visa interview in Lagos or Abuja, it’s

Other services available are postpartum care for mothers and bathing of babies after delivery, nanny assistance.
Please check us out on our website for accommodation :­
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Email: ­
Phone number:  +15044284270
All these includes free transportation to all your doctor's appointments.

Normal delivery : 250
Cs: 400

*Second pku for baby: 12
*Baby's American passport: 165
*Nigerian visa: 385 *Postage: 40
*Birth certificate: 23

Free pick up/drop off at the airport
Free food on arrival